Netris is a new automatic net-ops platform that turns your network into service and provides network services to your Kubernetes cluster, compute and storage. Netris [formerly XCloud Networks] is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with it’s R&D center in Yerevan, Armenia. Netris is co-founded by professionals who operated infrastructures for two decades. Based on hands-on operational learnings Netris team is reimagining how networks are operated.

Removing traditional approach of changing network behavior through changes in configuration of network devices. And introducing new way of changing network behavior through definition of services.

We are leaving in the world where every business is a software. Rapid deployment of software and safe day to day operations of hybrid infrastructures are now key metrics for sucessful operation of modern business. Netris makes network operations fast and safe.


In public cloud users are defining services - not network protocols and parameters. Cloud provider automagically makes hardware to deliver against the user-defined services. Our mission is making the same cloud experience for local private infrastructures.