Founders of XCloud Networks INC spent last 2 decades in datacenter networking. Idea of today’s XCloud was still a dream back in 2009 when Tigran and Alex were working for a top 5 telco.

Idea was to automate engineering tasks associated with configuration and troubleshooting, because these tasks fit better to software, and empower humans to focus on high level architecture and planning – tasks which better fit to humans. Besides that there was always willing to consolidate hardware as much as possible.

In 2017 co-founders saw opportunity is opening up and came up with a prototype using open-networking hardware and software.

XCloud Networks has received venture funding, technology has been used globally from California to Europe and Asia. In 2019 XCloud Networks became UC Berkeley SkyDeck top accelerator cohort team being supported towards growth to the next level.


CEO XCloud Networks
Networking for cloud-first era is a key component to support Industry 4.0 transformation. Data center and carrier networking is the most complex piece of any infrastructure - we can't transition into Industry 4.0 with current state of networking. XCloud's mission is to make networking su much streamlined that every company will be able to create and manage it's own cloud, focusing only on business needs, without being slowed down by infrastructure.



Co-founder - VP Software Engineering
Designing Critical IT systems since 2004


Co-founder - VP Customer Success
Supporting tech professionals since 2005


Network Architect / Scientist
Experienced Internetworking Expert