Declarative, Prescriptive, Cloud-style Networking
single point of support



  • Fast adoption of network automation and open-networking
  • Elastic scalability with no vendor lock-in
  • 80% saving of total cost

Key differentiators

  • Single point of support(one throat to choke)
  • Seamless experience between multiple NOS, and multiple Hardware(including within the same deployment)
  • The only solution that customers use for 100% open-networking coverage

XCloud Networks mission is to bring cloud-style management principles to on-prem, on-colo physical networks. Such that all network configuration can be done purely through XCloud Controller GUI or RESTful API in a declarative way – Just like on public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP). XCloud Software platform takes care of auto-configuration and auto-monitoring of all open-networking hardware and software components underneath. Providing seamless cloud experience and centralized support for the whole network stack. 

XCloud agent is a software that runs on top of NOS(Network Operating System) inside the networking equipment. XCloud agent is continuously translating user-defined virtual services into actual network configuration based on thoroughly validated best practice configuration templates. Agent also collects telemetry data and streams to XCloud controller to be used for automatic monitoring of the overall system health.