Networking for data-centers and carriers at cloud-first era

XCloud is a network automation platform that provides streamlined operation of data-center grade networks in proper way for cloud-first era. Own your cloud – with minimal learning curve and shortest go to market.

Networking for data-centers and carriers at cloud-first era



  • XCloud provides a centralized dashboard for a small team to manage an entire network infrastructure.
  • We empower network professionals to deal with even larger networks and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Our Intent-Based Networking solutions allow a streamlined setup and intuitive configuration of your network.
  • API access allows an easy integration with DevOPS tools, and our role delegation options optimize resource sharing.





One of our intentions is to simplify and optimize the experience for different Engineering teams. Network Engineers are now able to assign role based network access permissions for DevOPS who will, in turn, be able to write scripts that integrate their development processes in an automated fashion.

In this same manner, Network Engineers can delegate Load Balancing, Access Control and other functionalities to Systems Engineers.

All these functionalities further optimize the operational efficiency of the company.





Configuration and setup is achieved through an intuitive interface that follows the philosophy of Intent Based Networking.

Our AI Based Monitoring system alerts you whenever anomalies or failures in your network occur.



We support native integration with OpenStack, Kubernetes, Proxmox, and others so that you can bring your cloud infrastructure to the current Data Center operation standards.

Any other solution that connects to our network will work as a standard networking device.






Our decentralized scalable firewall is fit to work for a network of any size.

Another feature that increases team efficiency is the built-in approval mechanism and action logging, which resolves the question of security compliance requirements.


Customers are able to choose from a variety of supported manufacturers and not worry about possible incompatibilities. Our system automatically configures your new hardware and integrates it into your network.

Throughout the network we use BGP to link all the switches and servers to provide a reliable connection for IPv4, IPv6 and EVPN protocol families. If more east-west or north-south capacity is required more switches can easily be added at appropriate layers.

All the switches in a network can utilize their maximum capacity. There’s no STP-like stand-by mode, where only one switch can be used at a time. Maintenance mode allows traffic to be re-routed out of a given switch with zero packet loss while it is being upgraded.



With our solution you will already have a load balancer on each switch which makes it infinitely scalable and able to run at the full speed of the switch ports.



Native integration with HAProxy for Application Layer Load Balancing and SSL Offloading.



XCLOUD NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)

Our Server Based NFV Solution allows easily instantiation of Border Router, NAT, VPN and many other software based services running at a hardware performance level.


Seamless integration with OpenVPN enables site-to-site or remote access VPN by one-click with no need to add an additional hardware.